Dads and Daughters

Dads and Daughters

Most Men aren’t comfortable with emotions.  When our daughters express themselves or react with their hearts, we tend to think “Why can’t she be more rational?” We have some serious learning to do.

Unfortunately, the teenage years are often when a Dad will step back from his daughter.  She’s blooming physically and thats a little unsettling.  When her moods get unpredictable – like they often do – the father, even if he was highly involved during her younger years, may get frustrated and step back.

But thats actually when girls need their dads even more.  Studies show that daughters who have loving and understanding fathers through the teen years benefit in very tangible ways – in self-confidence, in achievement, in sexual identity and in avoiding behavioural problems.

So, at anytime, Dad, be ready to ask “How is she feeling?”. See how the teen years can be a time when you work through difficulties together and grow closer in the end.

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