Action Points

  • Put an encouraging note in the textbook/workbook of your child’s hardest subject.
  • Praise your child for something in front of his or her friends.
  • Read a book or short story to your child tonight.  Include him and yourself in the plot.
  • Don’t shy away from your teenage daughter; continue to give her appropriate physical signs of affection.
  • Tell your kids “I need a hug”.
  • Buy five or ten postcards for each child, and on each one write how much you love him/her, and one hope you have for his/her life.  Mail them all over the next month or so.
  • Tell your child a special quality you see in him or her.
  • Ask your daughter what she likes to do with you and set a date to do that together.
  • At the dinner table, tell each child one quality that you appreciate in him or her.