Showing Affection and Giving Praise

SAY IT! Say it often. Say it at every opportunity.

Your child is still growing up and needs constant reassurance. Praise all achievements -don’t let them pass. If children are not praised for their achievements, they grow up thinking that they aren’t worth much. They seldom bother trying to better themselves. Where practical, ask your child to demonstrate how they achieved what they did. And then listen – really listen.

If they have received certificates or trophies, display them prominently in your home. Mount or frame them or make a special display case for them. Praise your children to others. When meeting with your childs teacher, emphasise their good points. The teacher may be able to use these to improve classroom performance. At the very least, it won’t hurt for them to know that your child is a good and valued person.
Express affection openly, including hugs.